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nuuna – premium notebooks made in Germany

A notebook by nuuna is made to be filled with good, as well as bad ideas, with spontaneous impressions, thoughts, moods or sketches. It becomes more precious and personal with each little note and every coffee stain. Every notebook we produce has an individual cover artwork – manufactured with great care, attention to detail and the best materials in Germany. A notebook from nuuna is like a good friend – it withstands the rigours of everyday life and accompanies you wherever you go.

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brandbook has specialised in the production of individually designed notebooks for business customers and publishers for more than 20 years. Always paying close attention to the wishes and corporate design aesthetic of the customer. brandbooks focus centres on personal consultation, conceptual development and the meticulous production. The most renowned design and advertising agencies, along with hundreds of highly ranked companies from the most diverse industries worldwide, are to be found on the list of brandbooks customers.

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